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Judith’s Flower Notes

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A list of ten top tips on keeping you flowers fresher for longer in the home.

Top Ten Tips For Making Your Flowers Last Longer

This is our easy to follow top ten guide on how to ensure your fresh flowers last longer in the home.

1. Make sure you buy flowers that are in season, this means the flower is stronger and will survive the home environment better.

2. Avoid buying flowers that show any brown marks, as this means the flower is not fresh at the time of purchase.

3. Remove the bottom 10cm of the stem ends of the flowers before placing in water that contains the flower food.

4. Remove the bottom leaves from the stem. This will reduce water evaporation and the flower will last longer.

5. Cut stems at an angle as this will allow the flower to drink more water and last longer in the vase.

6. Place flowers in clean and spotless vases. If the vase has bacteria inside this will harm the flowers.

7. Flowers last longer in cooler environments. Be careful to not place the flowers too near appliances that emit heat, like televisions, radiators and dishwashers.

8. Be careful if placing flowers on a window ledge as they may get too much heat from the sun.

9. Keep an eye on the level of water in the vase and top up when needed. Some flowers need more water than others.

10. Ripening fruit emits ethylene gas, which shortens the life of flowers. When buying flowers, look for ones that are sold at a distance from fruit and vegetables.