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Hatching Flowers

The technique of blowing eggs takes a little time to master but once achieved you have the perfect containers for this time of year.

You will need:

- 3 small glass cube containers

- raffia

- 3 blown eggs

- florists' fix

- 3 Ranunculus


1. Using a drawing pin, make a tiny hole in each end of the egg. Make the hole at the thinner end of the egg slightly larger. Blow hard through the smaller hole and the egg will come out of the larger hole.

2. Cut some raffia into short lengths and place in the bottom of the cubes.

3. Place a knob of fix to the hole at the base of the egg to make it watertight. Fill the eggs with water and place the Ranunculus through the holes in the top of the eggs.

Design tip:

There are many flowers that would suit this design, but be sure to choose a flower with a slim stem so that it is easy to insert into the hole in the egg.