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NOTE: You notice there are no dates for courses at the London Flower School shown beyond the end of August. This is because Judith will be sadly leaving the premises at Kinnerton Place South SW1 at the end of August 2024 after 25 happy years, and the school will be closing. Judith will be continuing with her online courses from home from then on. Judith has loved creating these and feels confident that they’re the most comprehensive, easy to navigate and memorable experience for flower lovers worldwide. 

Her accreditations with AIFD and BAC will continue for those who have taken courses and will be fully active for those who take courses in the future online.

Judith, founder of The Judith Blacklock Flower School, has been teaching professional floristry courses in London for more than 25 years. Her courses have an exceptional reputation for teaching classic flower arranging skills and cutting-edge contemporary design in a warm and friendly environment. The Judith Blacklock Flower School is the only flower school in the UK to have accreditation by both the British Accreditation Council (BAC) and the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) who are regarded world wide as having the highest standards.

Our accredited online courses can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home and cater for the future florist who wishes to earn money working with flowers and for the flower arranger who wishes to learn skills to successfully arrange flowers for the home and family.

We have a joy and passion for flowers and want to teach you as much as we can during the time you are with us. We promise to fill with you with the same passion and to show you how easy it is to create designs that will bring you pleasure and satisfaction.

Featured books

Simply Flower Arranging - £18.99

A practical yet inspirational book offering 67 step-by-step designs that are fun and easy to create yourselves. They require easy to find flowers and materials and won't cost a fortune. Follow the guidelines, learn from the tricks and twists and…

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Cut Flowers - £15.00

This is an A-Z guide to the most popular cut flowers used in flower arranging. It covers over 130 flowers. In addition to the flowers there are over 100 types of foliage commonly used in arrangements.

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Wedding flowers a step by step guide

Wedding Flowers A Step by Step Guide - £35.00

The ultimate book on how to create flowers for a wedding. By following the detailed concise information you will be able to create glorious displays to make that special day one not to be forgotten.

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Flower Arranging A complete guide for beginners - £28.00

This book is written for anyone with a love of flowers and a desire to create floral displays. From a simple arrangement to the latest cutting edge contemporary designs, this guide contains all the information you need.

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