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Judith blacklock


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Judith’s Flower Notes

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Judith Blacklock's top facts and tips on our berry of the month Symphoricarpos.

Berry of the month - Symphoricarpos

Symphoricarpos, commonly known as snowberry, is a wonderful berried shrub widely available from September to the beginning of November. A wonderful filler in handtieds and table centrepieces, Symphoricarpos is the perfect autumn addition to your arrangements. Here are Judith's top five facts on this superb shrub:

1. Symphoricarpos bloom in spring, forming dense clusters of bell-shaped flowers which are replaced by clusters of berries in the autumn.

2. Snowberry is actually part of the honeysuckle family.

3. This deciduous shrub grows in shady and moist locations and a wild form can be found in hedgerows.

4. Fresh Symphoricarpos have firm berries on the stem so when purchasing shake the branch gently to check if any fall.

5. The main stem can be quite heavy but the branching stems add interest to buttonholes and other small designs.