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Judith blacklock


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Judith’s Flower Notes

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Judith Blacklock's flower of the month this August is Dahlia. Judith's top tips and facts about the flower Dahlia.

Flower of the Month - The Dahlia

It seems hard to believe that until recently dahlias were very unfashionable as they are simply superb. Perhaps the only disadvantage if you are growing dahlias is that cockroaches also think they are wonderful, but they can be discouraged by planting away from fences.

There are so many gorgeous shapes and colours. I personally prefer the hot colours and the taller varieties even though they may need staking in the garden. Here are Judith's top five dahlia facts:

1. Purchased dahlias will only last a few days so try growing them.

2. Dahlias grow well in pots or in most soils in a sunny place.

3. If purchasing check the back of the flower as the petals here are the first to go.

4. Re-cut the stem ends as soon as you get home and place in clean water in a clean vase.

5. Let the hot colours clash together and try adding a touch of lime-green Alchemilla mollis or Bupleurum for extra zing.