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Professional Business of Floristry Course with optional work experience

‘The Professional Business of Floristry’ is a two-week course that takes at the Judith Blacklock Flower School in Knightsbridge. Having successfully completed the course, students receive the accredited Judith Blacklock Diploma, which is recognised by the best establishments worldwide. Thanks to Judith’s extensive international contacts, they will also put their learning into practice with hands-on work experience in selected floristry businesses - shop work, events, weddings, parties and every other aspect of floristry. Judith liaises with a Royal Warrant Holder and other prestigious florists for her London placements.

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‘The Professional Business of Floristry’ is a two-week course that takes place Monday to Friday at the Judith Blacklock Flower School in Knightsbridge. Having successfully completed the course, students receive the accredited Judith Blacklock Diploma, which is recognised by the best establishments worldwide. Thanks to Judith’s extensive national and international contacts, they will also have the opportunity of putting their learning into practice with hands-on work experience in selected floristry businesses - shop work, events, weddings, parties and every other aspect of floristry. Judith liaises with a Royal Warrant Holder and other prestigious florists for her London placements.

This business course, devised and developed by Judith, has been running for 15 years and past students are now working in a wide range of floral careers with great success. Judith is proud of her students and passionate about making sure that they achieve the best possible results wherever they are in the world. With this in mind, students are free to contact her for advice and guidance at any point after they leave the course. Everyone who comes to the course says that it is great fun and immensely enjoyable.

Practical work
The course covers all aspects of practical work associated with floristry. Students learn to create simple and stylish designs and then graduate on to larger and more elaborate pieces. An understanding of wiring and its use is essential to be able to offer a broad portfolio of work and this is taught in easy stages. By the end of their ten days, students will be creating a magnificent fully-wired shower bouquet – the ultimate in floristry technique and skill. There are at least two hands-on practical sessions a day and all work can be taken home. The designs cover both classic and contemporary styles to give a thorough grounding in all aspects of floral design relevant to today’s marketplace.

Business skills
The information about business skills is geared specifically to the floristry industry and is taught by experts from different areas within the floral world. One of the school’s tutors is also a lawyer and he can answer legal questions about such matters as buying premises or the copyright on photographic images.

Our students
About half our students are from the UK and the others from countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, the Americas and the rest of the world. The mix of nationalities is wide, but everyone is linked by a desire to add floristry to their skills. The lifelong friendships that are made at the school are a perfect way to exchange information and trends across the world.

Our teaching
Due to years of experience we have been able to gather together the absolute essentials of the floristry industry and can teach an unparalleled amount in ten days in easy to understand units, with full explanations given for all practicalities. The teaching is led by Judith, but on average we bring in an additional seven teachers over the two-week period to cover different aspects of the industry. Each teacher has a particular expertise and all are qualified in both teaching and floristry. As each tutor is currently working in the industry, they all have up-to-date knowledge of trends and present practices which they are happy to share. This means that whatever direction you want to take you will always be given expert advice. From weddings on a budget to private dinners at Kensington Palace, the course leaders have been there and done that . . . and are happy to share their insider secrets with you.

The Business of Floristry course has been much copied over the years, but Judith takes imitation as a form of flattery. She has hit upon the perfect formula, which has been tried and tested many times, as satisfied students all round the world will agree. Judith firmly believes that no other establishment can offer an equivalent level of teaching and experience, both technically and theoretically, in the same time and for the same money.

Practical work, including:

  • - parties and events, weddings, contracts, sympathy work

    - handtieds

    - vase designs

    - table centrepieces

    - buttonholes

    - floral crowns

    - candelabras

    - garlands & topiary

    - shower bouquets

    - archways and other large-scale designs

    - conditioning to make your flowers last longer

    and a lot more...

Business skills, including:

- options for purchasing flowers and sundries, plus a visit to the flower market

- costing and pricing

- whether to set up a business at home or take on premises

- social media for florists

- photography and creating a portfolio

- running or working in a shop or unit

- stock control

- establishing a flower business

- marketing

- the tricks and secrets of the flower industry

Judith Blacklock Certificate awarded on completion of this course.

We have a maximum of 13 students at the school at any one time to maximise learning.

TimesThe first Monday is from 1pm - 4.30pm. Every other weekday is 10am - 4.30pm. Please note, there will be an early morning (8.30 am) visit to New Covent Garden Flower Market during the course. We will confirm the date when you arrive at the school.
NotesAll materials included, plus tea and coffee
Work ExperienceWork experience is an invaluable way to consolidate your new-found skills. We arrange work experience to suit the needs and timetable of every student, from a few days to two weeks. We pride ourselves on our skill at matching the student to the posting, so that many are subsequently offered a paid job. We can organise this just about anywhere in the world using Judith's extensive contacts and reputation. So whether your aim is it to be an events florist in New York, a hotel florist in London, or you fancy running a chic shop in Paris, we will help you to realise your ambitions.
Available Dates13th November 2017 to 24th November 2017
22nd January 2018 to 2nd February 2018
12th March 2018 to 23rd March 2018
14th May 2018 to 25th May 2018
25th June 2018 to 6th July 2018
13th August 2018 to 24th August 2018
8th October 2018 to 19th October 2018
19th November 2018 to 30th November 2018
Clare Olof
Thank you for providing such an enjoyable and informative course. It exceeded my expectations and has given me the confidence and enthusiasm to pursue floristry as a career.
E'an Lo
What was really beneficial was the proper course structure, with lots of guidance from tutors. You got to see lots of creativity as no designer was the same. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone considering a change in career.
Olive Munderere
It has been a wonderful pleasure meeting you all and the wonderful teachers who kindly shared all of their working experiences with us!
Lucy Lister
I couldn't have started my business without learning the foundations at the Judith Blacklock Flower School, the Business of Floristry Course gave me the confidence and the know how to get started and everything else I've just learnt on the job. I would thoroughly recommend the course for anyone who is serious about starting their own floristry business, and you meet some great people and contacts along the way.
Yvette Munasinghe
I have completed some work experience after Judith's business course over the past months at three of the Moyses Stevens flower shops and have been amazed at the different things all their stores have to offer. It has been enjoyable and pleasing especially when I have come back to the shop to see my bouquets have sold. I have learnt a lot!
Kathy Green
After deciding to change careers, I took Judith Blacklock's Business of Floristry - 2 week accredited diploma course. What a great choice, I learned so much in those two weeks from people who really know their stuff! At the end of the course Judith secured for me an apprenticeship in a floral design studio, so that I can practice my new skills. I have just started my apprenticeship in California and love it! I feel confident in what I am asked to do because during Judith's course I acquired the skills and the techniques I need to condition and work with flowers, and to confidently create floral arrangements. I helped with a wedding last week, what an immense experience. I created the corsages and boutineers and a couple of the table displays. I love my new career. My kind regards to Judith and her colleagues!
Heather Wren
I had a wonderful and valued experience on the Business of floristry course. The tutors were highly skilled and also gave great insight into the world of floristry. This course is good for anyone considering a career or keen interest. Judith & her team show such encouragement, passion and knowledge, this is what makes this school such a great place to learn.
Ron Menzies
Attended Judith's Business of Floristry course some years back and due to the excellent tuition given I've been able to put the skills gained to produce the floral arrangements for a full Scottish wedding ceremony, to the delight of the wedding party. My deepest thanks to Judith and the tutors during the course, who have given me such experience in the field and also for the great time I had during my learning period - unable to express how much enjoyment was had and the ability gained to allow me to progress in this field. To think it must be about 10 years ago that I was on the course and Judith's still there to help, she's a star!
Grace Davies
Thank you for a wonderful two weeks at the JBFS. I loved every minute of it. The course was faultlessly run with a whole range of really inspiring tutors.
Yuna Lee
I cannot speak highly enough of Judith Blacklock's "Business Floristry" course. Having previously completed two floristry courses in Korea (where I am from), I was a little concerned that I would be covering too much of the same ground, but the range and quality of Judith's course truly distinguishes it as something special. The course is suitable both for beginners, and for those who (like me) have some previous experience, but wish to hone their existing skills while also being introduced to more advanced techniques. Students receive tuition from several different teachers, all of whom are both professional and approachable. There is also a wonderful balance between practice and theory, with the course covering everything from the fundamentals of floristry as a career, right up to the advanced "fully-wired shower bouquet" technique. The students are made to feel extremely comfortable, being offered teas and coffees several times throughout the day (it might not sound like much, but it goes a long way) and I always felt as though the teachers were attentive to my individual needs and concerns. Finally, Judith works hard to secure each student work experience (according to their preferences) when the course is finished. I had two fantastic work placements, and gained some invaluable experience. Overall, taking this course was the best decision I could have made, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone who has an interest in floristry.
Seah Ee ling
The well-thought line up of practising instructors in the floral industry is definitely a big plus point for anybody considering Judith Blacklock's Business of Floristry course! I strongly recommend it!
Anna Gonda
Thank you so much for the quality time! It was awesome course!
Dr. Ana-Maria Meddani
Judith's Flower School has given me a comprehensive understanding of the flower industry, as well as the opportunity to learn practical floral arrangements with multiple tutors from the UK and overseas with international experience. This two week course was worth all of the effort and I highly recommend it!
Lynette Oswin
I had the most amazing time at Judith Blacklock School the last fortnight. I did the floral business 2 week course and did not want it to finish. The school is a very friendly place to be and all the teachers and staff could not be more helpful. I did have a some knowledge of the floral world but wanted a qualification certificate and I have to say I learnt an awful lot more than I expected. I highly recommend this course infact any of the courses, I am going back very soon to do the master class in the Xmas wreath and then I think I have very thing covered. Thank you so much Judith Blacklock and your team.
Sarah Benson
I've just completed Judith's 2 week Business of Floristry course. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone considering a career change into the flower industry. The course provides a solid grounding in all elements of running a floristry business, from core floristry skills to how to make the most of social media, shop window dressing, events....the list goes on!! I was astonished at what it was possible to achieve, having had no prior floristry training. The course was taught by Judith who is a wonderful teacher, along with a range of other inspiring tutors, all of whom brought their own styles and perspectives. The flowers we used were of beautiful quality, and the school itself is cosy and welcoming. There is also an opportunity to do work experience following on from the course which the school arranged for us. I am so pleased I finally took the plunge and did this course as I had been considering it for a while. Better still, I now have a house full of stunning flowers! Highly recommended!
Charlotte Saunders
I have just finished the 2 week business course and it was amazing, feel like I have leant so much. Judith is fabulous as are the other teachers that come in throughout the course, to listen to all their different stories and tips was an absolute joy. The course covers so much in both the design and business sides of floristry. I would highly recommend doing this course to anyone. Thanks, Judith
Sarah MacGregor
Truly the most amazing experience from start to finish. The Business of Floristry two week diploma course surpassed all expectations and more. Not only did we learn from start to finish all that you need to know to start your own business or career in floristry, but we were trained throughout the week in the very basics, through to learning the 'Art of Floristry' by a number of carefully selected world class professionals, who really are leaders in their field. Throughout the week we were guided, mentored, inspired and supported by Judith and her team to create some amazingly beautiful floral displays both traditional and contemporary. In addition to this we were introduced throughout the course to numerous professional contacts, who offered each of us the opportunity to take part in additional Work Experience opportunities in the future if we would like them - Not only did this provide us with additional opportunity to grow our expertise and experience, but also enabled us to be a part of an established Industry network. I now believe I am ready to head out into the world of Floristry, knowing I have the background, knowledge skills and support to succeed. Oh and lastly I should mention that the course was attended by people from all over the world, which added an extra level of diversity for us to share and network. It also meant that I made some amazing new friends and contacts for the future. I really cannot recommend this course enough...and I now have a super Diploma Certificate to be very proud of!
Lucy Seppings
In January I attended the two week Diploma in The Business of Floristry course and had a truly wonderful time. Judith Blacklock's knowledge and experience is immeasurable and each day we were taught by leading florists and business experts who were not only fabulous tutors but were so supportive in making sure each student was confident in what had been taught.I was constantly inspired, always informed and thoroughly loved every second of the course. Judith Blacklock has a world wide reputation and this was reflected by the students who attended from the UK and around the globe. Not only did we have a lot of fun but it was a fascinating insight to how trends and styles in floristry vary throughout the world. If you are contemplating a career in floristry , I cannot recommend this course highly enough. I am now translating all of my new knowledge and creating something very special at our flower farm.
Karen Delaine-Smith
I think the proof in the pudding in the fact that 4 weeks post finishing Judith's one week intense diploma and two week business courses, I have started up my own business and and I am doing great. The attention to detail, and the open forum that the courses are run allows you to explore every aspect of setting up, and getting that real insight in how to do things right, how to do things well and how to make the very best for you as a new starter. I would highly recommend Judith's courses as she brings together the very best people in the business to build those skills, and confidence to take that leap of faith!
Abbe Alete
After many years of working in the public sector and bringing up my family I decided it was time to exercise the creative side of my brain and try to earn a living doing something I really enjoyed! What I liked about the course was just how compact, practical and informative it was for the novice florist. Yes we hit the ground running but the course programme covered all of the practical and technical skills needed to deliver beautiful flowers for all occasions - hand ties, vases, table arrangements, weddings, funerals, corporate flowers and so on..... We had some great guest tutors throughout the 2 weeks who shared their experience, skills and tips with us in an informal yet thorough way. For me it really was money well spent! From the course I went on to complete some work experience (once a week) at a local independent florist shop and practiced my new found skills. Then I handed in my notice from my full time job, found a lovely shop unit in Wallington town centre and 'Olivia's Florist' opened in February 2014!
Chloe Robinson
I completed the Business Course in September 2015 and I could not recommend it highly enough, in two weeks I learnt a HUGE amount and was placed with work experience at the end of it, where I now work 3 days a week and alongside I am slowly setting up my own business and starting out on my own. Judith and the team are lovely, wish I could spend every week there... just great! Chloe Robinson Designs
Lauren Murphy
What a truly amazing place to learn! I could not have asked for more, such a warm welcome everyday when you arrive to the minute you leave, as well as the tutors and Judith all packing each day full of knowledge and passion for the industry, so inspiring. I have gained so much confidence from completing the two week buisness course, and I'm now about to start my work experience placement kindly arranged by Judith. I would strongly recommend the school go for it, for pleasure or for a change in your profession you won't be disappointed.
Cat Sargentich
This is the best school I have ever been to. The teachers are amazingly helpful! The people who work here have given me the strength I needed to believe in myself. This school was even better than I ever EVER could have imagined! I love you all and I promise to keep in touch. I know I've made life long friends here.
Faith Gurel
Had a brilliant time learnt heaps!! Eveeyone was so friendly and helpful. I would love to go back for a more courses. Hello to you all. All being well i'm officially launching onto the freelance wedding scene at my first wedding fayre on the 3rd Nov! Thanks for giving me the confidence to believe in myself
Lucy F
A very belated 'Thank You' for the wonderful Business of Floristry Course I attended in April. I enjoyed learning from the different florists and designers; so much knowledge gained. Every day you provided such beautiful flowers to work with, and an informative visit to the flower market on the last day. Thank you also for arranging the work experience local to me. The florist has been very welcoming and I have been given free rein of handtieds, table arrangements and a funeral spray on my first day. I was delighted to be offered a full time position after my 5th day and start next week! The quality of the course and guidance that you provided has given me the confidence and ability to move back into floristry, thank you.
Catherine MacAlpine
Completing the Business of Floristry Course has given me new skills with which to pursue my love of flowers and floristry. I had a wonderful fortnight, meeting some great people, and learning from inspirational tutors. Thank you Judith + team
Claudia Cholst
I could not have been happier with the Professional Course in Floral Design offered by Judith Blacklock. Given Judith's range of expertise as a successful, commercial master floral event designer, long-standing Editor at large of The Flower Arranger, acclaimed author of numerous books on floristry and architect of Flowers at Oxford and other NAFAS sponsored Festivals, Judith provides an insight into sourcing, conditioning, and techniques available to the floral designer and florist. Her students gain an understanding of the importance of the history of British floristry and its impact on design worldwide. Judith, Tom and the renowned designers who teach her course's modules, always make themselves very accessible. Her course lays an appropriate foundation for serious various techniques and the numerous and diverse mechanics employed in commercial floral design. She and her staff provide inspiration and personal knowledge and make the course work challenging for international and British students regardless of their level of expertise. I highly recommend her course to international students. Judith gave me the impetus and inspiration to open my own small start-up.
Fiona H
I have recently done Judith's Professional Business of Floristry course and I cannot speak more highly about it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much more than I could have imagined. All the tutors that come and teach on it are fantastic, highly knowledgable and professional. Judith, Tom and Julia are wonderful and make all students feel so welcome and looked after. The whole two weeks were extremely well organised and covered so much - practical, theoretical and confidence inspiring. I have had a really lovely two weeks and cannot thank Judith, Tom, Julia and all the tutors enough.
Morag Ross
Rustic and Roses opened on Saturday - it was just a pipe dream in the Summer when I was down on your marvellous course. Could not have done any of this without you Judith Blacklock and your wonderful instructors and staff. We both learnt so much. Can't wait to come down for the next course. Business of Floristry course thoroughly recommended.
Ilse Wolf-Maguire
After deciding to change careers I signed up to the Professional Business of Floristry course after reading many positive things about it online and I was not disappointed! I learned so much during my two weeks at Judith's. The vast range of topics and amazing teachers allowed me to acquire a huge amount of knowledge in such a short space of time. There is an incredible range of practical work, group work and theory taught by multiple teachers with strengths in different areas. I had a wonderful time in an encouraging, multifaceted and fun environment and now have a great base of knowledge to move on from and begin my career in floristry.
Henah Hwang
The past two weeks has been an absolutely amazing experience. We covered every aspect of becoming a florist - not only how to arrange flowers but also how to run a business. It was a great choice and I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to work in the industry.
Marie Hyland
An excellent course which I would highly recommend. It went above and beyond my expectations and I was expecting a lot! I wish I had done it years ago.
Lauren Aitman
A really informative, fun two weeks where I enjoyed coming in every day. I'm sad that it has now ended, but the course has given me the enthusiasm to go off and carry on my floral journey. Thanks to Judith, Tom and the team!