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One Week Intensive Floral Design Diploma

Discover the secrets of successful floral design through this intensive one week course. If you would like to arrange flowers for your home, friends or for a special event with confidence, then this course is perfect. It will cover elements such as wiring, large venue flowers, buying flowers and much more! This is a course for everyone and no previous knowledge is required.

'I can assuredly say that it has been one of the most enjoyable weeks I have ever had, immersed in the colour and variety of the choice blooms Judith selected for us to work with.'

2019 Dates: 4 - 8 November 2019

2020 dates: 17th - 21st February 2020, 11th - 15th May 2020, 24th - 28th August 2020

Students attending this course will be awarded a VIP Shopping Invitation at Bicester Village on the first day at the school. Discover more than 160 boutiques of leading brands and with this special invitation enjoy a further 10% off on the Village price.

This one week diploma course is based on all the experience and inspiration Judith has gained from all quarters of the world. It is grounded in elements and principals essential to all the arts. You will be able to establish your own original style and be proud of it. On the practical side you will understand how flowers can be supported, whether for the table, an archway, a pillar or a window ledge. The wise selection of flower combinations, the ability to choose fresher rather than older flowers and the right containers in which to display them will be explained simply and clearly so that arranging flowers becomes nothing but pure pleasure. We have enjoyed meeting students from virtually every country in the world on this course, many of whom have become firm friends and call on each other, as well as Judith, for advice and help whenever they have an important event or wedding to organise.

During this course you will learn:

- to understand why arrangements look good and why they do not, using the elements and principles of design

- the trade secrets that will enable you to make a few flowers go a long way

- purchasing flowers direct from Holland

- the latest trends and techniques with up-to-the-minute materials

- arrangements for large venues such as churches, marquees or reception halls

- flowers in a vase and handtied bouquets

- pedestals

- table decoration and top table designs

- garlands and topiary

- to have confidence in your work

There will also be a visit to New Covent Garden Flower Market.

Judith Blacklock Certificate awarded on completion of this course.

We have a maximum of 13 students at the school at any one time to maximise learning.

Times10.30 am to 3.45 pm each day except for the first Monday which is 1.00 pm to 3.45 pm. Please note, there will be an early morning (8.30 am) visit to New Covent Garden Flower Market during the course. We will confirm the date when you arrive at the school.
NotesAll materials included, plus tea and coffee provided
Available Dates17th February 2020 to 21st February 2020
11th May 2020 to 15th May 2020
24th August 2020 to 28th August 2020
Gail & Marie Winterscheid
The one week intensive design diploma went beyond my expectations. The flowers are absolutely tops, the setting fantastic and the instruction is packed with useful practical tips. The staff are wonderful!
Abby Robson
My week at Judith Blacklock Flower School will undoubtedly remain one of the highlights of my life. It was an incredible privilege to have one-to-one guidance from Judith herself - who is a remarkable teacher, author, editor and creator of all things floral. In addition to this we were given the opportunity to learn from an array of other skilled, experienced and knowledgable teachers all of whom took the time to give instruction and special encouragement or wisdom to each student. The entire week facilitated by others in the background, namely Christina and Tom who further enriched the experience by being available to help wherever and whenever it may be needed. All in all I left London feeling thoroughly grateful for my week of intensive floristry at Judith Blacklock Flower School. It was sheer magic. Thank you!
Heather Jobling
I can assuredly say that it has been one of the most enjoyable weeks I have ever had, immersed in the colour and variety of the choice blooms you selected for us to work with. Judith gave her own time for the majority of the course and that is so important for all attendees, but it does not detract from the standard set by your other tutors who were equally top class in their instructions, technique and knowledge. No one can leave the Judith Blacklock Flower School without their spirits singing! It has been a privilege to attend and I will return next year for some more of the same please!
Karen Williams
For anyone who wants to learn how to arrange flowers, but doesn't know where to start, this course is for you. It's such a good foundation and I picked up so many tips and tricks in my one week course a couple of years ago that I continue to use now and will into the future. It also gave me confidence to try my hand at new arrangements. It really is a very valuable course.
Melda from Turkey
Joining Judith's intensive flower course has been one of the most unforgettable experiences in my life! It doesn't matter how much you love flowers, when you meet Judith, you love them more and more because you understand the language of flowers.. thank you Judith for sharing all your knowledge with us and thank your team for warm welcome and their hard work!
Fiona Moore
A wonderful week at the Flower School we covered lots of different techniques with a group of fantastic teachers and the trip to the flower market was really informative too. I would now like to progress to the Business course as it was so inspiring!
Ashlee Wilson
I attended Judith Blacklock School of Floristry on the 25th-29th of July for a one week intensive Floral Design Diploma. Before selecting this course I did extensive research into the courses offered around Europe and found this course to be one of the most intensive and information rich course offered over one week. It had the added bonus of being taught by such an esteemed floral designer. I wasn’t disappointed! Day one was straight to the point creating various arrangements. The most important part for me was learning all the techniques and steps to creating aesthetically pleasing arrangements following certain design criteria. As a yacht chief stewardess with a degree in interior design I have always been able to work with flowers and know what looks good and what doesn’t, but have never broken it down to analyse why an arrangement works and how to get it right time and time again. In my role as a Chief Stewardess it is essential that you are able to cater to every request with little notice. After completing the course I now feel a lot more confident working with flowers and wouldn’t falter if asked to create any style arrangement due to understanding the techniques and principals. It is very handy to know how to make an arrangement out of the last few surviving flowers and foliage on board when we are out at sea! All the arrangements taught could be transferred into many situations using a variety of flowers and foliage dependant on location, season and the occasion. I also enjoyed creating bouquets and button holes and has opened up a whole new array of ideas for me to create different displays and table decorations. The course was very hands on and I feel each of us 11 students got extensive one on one time with Judith and the three other tutors bought in. We used top quality flowers and obtained information on how to purchase and source the freshest flowers. I recommend all yacht stews interested in floristry to complete the course and have suggested
Elise Hyde
I attended Judith's one week floral design diploma course in May. It was the most amazing experience. The school itself is situated in the most beautiful location, which helps to create a relaxed working environment but at the same time we learned so much in just one week. The best part of the corse was that Judith tried to make the course personal to each one of us and helped us all as individuals a lot! I can't explain in words how much I enjoyed the course, as well as meeting some amazing people that I will stay in contact with. I definitely will not hesitate to book another corse at Judith Blacklock Flower School. Thank you again, Elise
Fiona W
I have just completed the 1 week intensive floral design course and loved every minute of it. Judith and her team were brilliant and we learnt so much during the week which was a mainly practical course allowing us all to gain confidence when arranging flowers in all types of arrangements. We also had a visit to the Covent Garden Flower Market which was fascinating. The tips we were given all week were extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend this course whether you are a complete beginner or have a knowledge of flower arranging. I look forward to returning in the future to do another course.
Joon Wah
Judith was an amazing lady who allowed her students to not only learn from herself but also from different tutors who were excellent in their areas. She also created the classes in an enjoyable ambiance. I participated in the One Week Intensive Floral Design class and it was very good exposure and learning experience as we had students from all over the world to participate and share their experiences. Judith is also very helpful to ensure those overseas participants were well taken care of. The New Covent Garden Flower Market experience was another super plus point. She explained to us how to pick and differentiate the freshness of the flowers, the good flowers distributors and so on. Overall, it was definitely worth my trip to fly in to London to join the one week class. This was the same feeling shared amongst other overseas participants. I shall look forward to return for other classes again in the future.
Rebecca Wieler - Israel
Over the last couple of years I've taken some courses in my home town in floral design. It's something I do as a hobby. I decided I wanted to explore design in flowers in more depth and as I have links in London and Manchester it made sense to look into courses in these areas. Spoilt for choice, the Judith Blacklock Flower School in Knightsbridge really took my eye. They offer various courses, I chose the five day Floral Design Diploma course and when I made contact with the school they couldn't be more accommodating and helpful. The school is located in an inspiring environment which lends itself to creativity. All the teachers and especially Judith were so attentive and worked with us with such patience. We were provided with all materials including the most beautiful fresh flowers. I can't talk highly enough of the course. I highly recommend this school and hope to attend more courses in the future.
Karen Bennett
Spent a fantastic week learning the most incredible amount about flowers, foliage and creating arrangements. Judith and her team share detailed knowledge of their experience, passion and reams of practical advice. I now have an armoury of skills and techniques to create my own arrangements whatever the occasion. The course was worth every penny and second of time, and would not hesitate to recommend the one week course to every budding florist who wants to learn 'how-to'.
Renee Lee
I had a wonderful time learning floristry at the Judith Blacklock Flower School. It was a great start to my career in floristry and I look forward to be able to re-create and even improvise on the designs I've picked up through this one-week diploma course. Thanks Judith, Tom, Neil and Dawn for the patience and guidance!
Tanika Churchill
I have just completed the week intensive diploma with Judith. As someone who was a complete beginner and had no prior knowledge or understanding of floral design it was fantastic. Even with others in my class who were knowledgable in this area, I felt we were all catered for. With a wonderful team of instructors bringing their individual flairs and technical knowledge I feel I have come away with knowledge that will help my passion to grow in this area. Thank you to Judith and her team, I will be back in the winter for their Christmas class!
Kathleen Quo Vadis
I highly recommend Judith Blacklock's intensive floral class. I travelled overseas to attend her classes and was not disappointed. She is a very skilled teacher, very knowledgable and supportive. She was happy to share her art of floristry and showed a willingness to help us learn her art. I plan on attending more classes in the future with her. She is wonderful!
Mary Kelava
I have just returned to Vancouver, Canada after attending the Judith Blacklock Flower School. This is the fourth country where I have attended a floral school. As each course involves an investment of time and money I research thoroughly before I attend and I go into it with HIGH expectations. At Judith's school my expectations were not only met but were exceeded!!!!!! The classes were highly organized with not a minute wasted. Judith and her team were all so lovely and approachable and the atmosphere in the class allowed for all of us students (from 6 different countries) to laugh and learn together - and we've even stayed in touch! Thank you Judith for a wonderful and informative week filled with beautiful flowers and lovely designs. I can't wait to come back one day.
Zhizhen Wang, Floral Design Diploma,
Excellent. We had the best tutors and international classmates from all over the world. We have not only learnt lots about flowers, but have also enjoyed our time and made friends.