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Judith blacklock


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Supermarket Flowers

Discover the best supermarket to buy your flowers and learn important flower skills on the way


Supermarket Flowers is a little different from the other courses at the School. Participants are invited to bring along a bunch of flowers from their local supermarket, be it Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose or Aldi to a maximum cost of £15. Judith will then show what can be achieved with the flowers when a few extra items have been added whether placed in a vase, arranged for the table or in a handtied. The best supermarkets, to buy flowers in terms of value and quality, will be decided.

Times1.30 pm - 3.45 pm
NotesAdditional materials provided, plus tea and coffee
Denise Ings
This is an absolute must for anyone who ever brings flowers into their home! I'm a gardener, but I learned so much from Judith, who is very easy company as well as an absolute fount of knowledge and expertise. A wonderful day!