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Judith blacklock


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A rubber band is one of those dispensable articles that we never have when needed. Collect the bands the postman leaves behind to make a mechanic that gives a completely new look to a standard glass container.

You will need:

- glass container - this one is 15cm high and 7.5cm wide

- about 12 rubber bands of a uniform size and colour

- one flower of choice


1. Ensure the bands are of a size that will fit snugly around your container.

2. Place these at regular intervals around your container, both horizontally and vertically.

3. Fill the container with water.

4. Cut your flower and insert through one of the holes in the network of bands so that the stem end is in water.

Design tip:

Try tucking autumnal leaves between the container and the bands, or stems of lavender (Lavandula) which will dry in situ and give a different finish.