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Judith blacklock


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All in a row

A quick and easy design that is ideal for any narrow ledge or along the centre of a long table. 

You will need:

- I have used 6 identical vases at 9cm tall. But 5 or 6 vases with a common link such as colour, form or size will work just as well.

- 2 stems of Physalis franchetii (Chinese lantern)

- about 20 Malus sylvestris (crab apple)

- Viburnum opulus 'Compactum' berries

- straight woody stems or slender bamboo 

- coloured reel wire


1. Fill the vases to the same level with water and place in a row.

2. Take your chosen stems and place in the vases at different heights.

3. Twist the wire around the stem of each crab apple, leaving space between. Weave these through and around the stems. 

4. Tuck a short stem of Viburnum berries low in each vase.

5. Remove the individual Physalis heads from the stems and scatter between the vases.

Design Tip:

If you wish you can split open the Physalis with a finger nail to expose the shiny orange berry in the centre.