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Judith blacklock


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How to make your Pussy Willow last!

You will need:
- Sundries
- Cling film
- 2 round glass containers, one slightly smaller than the other but both about the same height (see above image)

Flowers and foliage:
- about 20 stems of pussy willow (Salix)
- a mix of flowers, whatever you have available

1. Cover the top of the smaller container with cling film. Place this inside the larger container.
2. Remove all the pussy flowers from the stems of the willow and set aside.
3. Gently fill the gap between the two containers with the pussy flowers.
4. Pour water into the inner container.
5. Gather the flowers in your hand and place in the water so that the heads of the flowers nod over the rim of the glass container.

Tips from Judith:
- When purchasing pussy willow, if you leave the stems out of water they will dry and the pussy flowers will remain on the stem. If you place the stems in water the pussies will drop and leaves will appear.

- If you wish to root willow, cut the stems and place in a bottle outside and roots will appear in no time at all.

Flowers Judith used in above image: Viburnum opulus ‘Roseum’, Tulipa 'Black Jack', Scabiosa 'Blackberry Scoop', one beautiful pink rose and Salix (pussy willow)