Judith Blacklock
Flower School

Sustainability with Dried Flowers


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Dried flowers are back in style with a vengeance. No longer are they brown and dusty. Sustainable and attractive, their gentle muted tones look beautiful grouped in a vase, made into wreaths or simply hung up to dry.

Come and learn what blooms dry best, the techniques involved (which are incredibly simple) and how to keep and arrange them so the colour lasts and you enjoy them over the winter months and beyond. In 1993 Judith wrote Teach Yourself Dried Flowers and today, 27 years later, most of the techniques she describes are exactly the same.

10:30 am to 3.30 pm

All flowers and materials included. Tea and coffee provided.




This one-day dried flower course will concentrate on dried flowers but we will also talk about preserved flowers and how they can be mixed with dried to give focus and texture.

Other methods of preservation discussed will include freeze-dried and the use of glycerine and silica gel. Mention will be made of preserved flowers where the natural bloom is treated so that it last and retain its colour. It is a process that is extremely difficult to do at home but Judith will tell you of the best places to purchase and how to arrange them.

If you are interested in silk flowers do let us know and sourcing and arranging of these will also be covered.

Students will make three designs to take home. They will use specially selected dried flowers and foliage including hydrangea, lavender and roses for a hoop design. The second design will be low, smaller and include beautiful preserved flowers which will last for years, and the third, a free flowing design from a wide range of plant material on offer.


  1. Elaine Madden

    Thank you very much for a thoroughly enjoyable day yesterday. The course was excellent and I learned so much. I am looking forward to experimenting with the silica and the glycerine.

    The course was so well organised. The materials were lovely to work with and very generously provided. The teaching was excellent and the fact that everyone in the group, no matter what their level, progressed and developed and furthered their skills.

    I am looking forward to attending another one of your courses very soon!

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