Judith Blacklock
Flower School

Evening Taster – Handtied Bouquet


The perfect handtied has the stems neatly spiralled with a pleasing balance of form, colour and texture. The technique can be tricky to master but once you have it, it is there for life – rather like riding a bike. A handtied is a lovely present to give, especially if you have made it yourself. Join us for an evening of bubbly and floral fun where Judith promises that you will leave the session confident of being able to re-create a hand-tied at home.

If you also book our evening table arrangement taster in the same year you will receive a signed complimentary copy of one of Judith’s books.

6.30pm – 8.15pm

All flowers and materials provided. Prosecco and nibbles included.



This flower arranging taster promises that by the end of the evening you will understand the theory and technique for making the perfect hand-tied bouquet. All participants get individual instruction to build up their confidence and knowledge. You will learn how to choose the flowers to make the perfect bouquet, whether from the supermarket, florist or garden.

Displaying handtieds is a frequently asked question on this flower arranging course. You will be shown how to display a handtied in the perfect shaped and sized vase to compliment its beauty, whatever the size or colours you choose. You will of course take your flowers home.

  1. Elaine Madden

    Thank you so much for a truly wonderful evening. I feel totally re-empowered and my confidence in my ability has been restored. I’ve spent the morning at my daughter’s house with a bucket of foliage and flowers making hand-tied bouquets and they are all of a good standard and my daughter is delighted to have her house filled with bouquets.

    I just had to unlearn some of the unconventional habits that were imposed on me by my previous employer. You very successfully enabled me to do that and restored my confidence.

    I will keep an eye on your website and hope to see you again sometime soon. You are a brilliant teacher.

  2. R. Thomas

    Thank you for the course last evening! We enjoyed it very much 🙂

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