Judith Blacklock
Flower School

Three day Wedding Masterclass

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This highly popular and exclusive course enables you to create many of the wedding flowers for yourself, family member and friend and is tremendously creative, fun and fulfilling. For this course you need no previous experience. From choosing the flowers and designs to installing the finished pieces on the big day, there will be so much to keep you busy and plenty to think about. This is a one of the most highly acclaimed flower arranging courses and is for everyone who wishes to do wedding flowers for a friend, relative or even themselves!

10.30am – 4.15pm each day

All flowers and materials included. Tea and coffee provided.

We also run an online version of this course 

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This is one of the best flower arranging courses and covers all you need to know about creating floral displays for your own wedding or that of a friend or family member. And with a little more experience you can be well on your way to earning money from these very special occasions. You will learn how to plan everything in advance from sourcing your flowers to transporting them on the day. We will teach you the shortcuts to take and those to be avoided. You will learn tips and tricks on how to use floral materials and the supporting mechanics to make an impact while working to a budget.

It is a wonderful introduction into the world of flowers, and you will acquire skills through our flower arranging courses that will last for a lifetime, and be adaptable to all floral decorations. Judith and her team of specialist wedding planners will help you understand how to get in the work, charge for the work and to provide beautiful flowers – the most important part of the wedding!

In this wedding floristry course, we teach you how to make:

  • Designs suitable for the ceremony, reception and bridal party
  • Technique of creating a flower wall
  • Large, attention-grabbing floral displays
  • High and low table centrepieces
  • Buttonholes
  • Bouquets for the bride/bridesmaids
  • Garlands
  • Decorations for the wedding cake
  • Floral crowns

We will also share tips on how to plan the wedding:

  • Choosing suitable flowers and designs for the ceremony, reception and bridal party
  • The most important designs: the ones you should prioritise, and those that can be considered ‘luxury’ items
  • Making the most of your budget
  • Where to source your flowers and how to buy them successfully
  • Conditioning your flowers, so that they last
  • Hiring props and containers
  • Working in a venue, such as a hotel
  • Ways to enhance your decorations – using candles, tea lights, mirrors etc
  • Discussion on how flowers should be positioned in different wedding venues

The Judith Blacklock Wedding Flowers Diploma awarded on completion of this course.

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“A very useful book for anyone wanting to learn good floristry techniques or refresh their skills. Having done Judith’s Wedding Flower course, I found this an excellent reference book for when I couldn’t quite remember how to do something like wiring an orchid. Lovely photos and very inspiring. Like all her books, they are essential for any budding florist who wants to ‘do it right’!”

  1. Carina Downey – June/July 2021

    Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you, for another fabulous course! Both courses have taken me back to many happy memories of my mum and dad’s flower shop as a child. The tutors were super, I loved Dawn she was very much on my wave length and left handed like me! It’s been an absolute delight working with beautiful flowers and learning new techniques.

  2. Laraine Martin June 2021

    I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic course this week. As a beginner the teaching was really very good – inspirational, fun and so informative and made me think I am capable of making the most incredible flower creations. Even possibly selling some at a later date ( with more practice I think!).

    Thank you again. I have little doubt I will be back to build on this weeks knowledge and skills.

  3. Annabel Drury

    The course was an absolute joy to attend. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful throughout. The calibre of the teaching delivered by each of the tutors was exceptional. Each tutor went above and beyond to share their professional expertise and insights to the industry. I have gained huge amounts of knowledge and inspiration from you all and look forward to putting my new skills into practice.

  4. Anita Arnett

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Purely Weddings course. All tutors were very nice and lovely to talk with, they were experienced, and provided us with all the right guidance with a very thorough knowledge on floristry. It was a very fun course to be apart of. I was also so impressed with the quality of the flower/plant materials that were used as I still was able to use them to practise with, nearly one week on!

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