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Accredited One Week Diploma Flower Arranging Course

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Discover the secrets of successful floral design in this intensive one-week flower arranging course. It is ideal for those who want to arrange flowers in their homes, for friends or for a special event with success and ease.

Floral design covers elements such as wiring so you can make buttonholes and flower crowns, and flowers for garlands and pedestal designs. You will learn the elements and principles of floral design that will stand you in good stead when analysing and enjoying any of the creative arts.  Other floral design skills taught include how to keep your stems in place and how to create wonderful arrangements on a virtually zero budget, if that is the call! We cover buying, which flowers last and what to grow in a garden – whether huge or a tiny patio.

This is a course for everyone and no previous knowledge of floral design is required. However if you have been arranging flowers at home but need more confidence these five days of floral design offer intensive help, structure and inspiration and would be perfect for you.

Suitable for – complete beginners and those looking to refamiliarise themselves with core skills.

On completion of the course, students receive the Judith Blacklock Diploma

Next Dates: 29th July – 2nd August 2024

10.30 am to 3.45 pm each day except for the first Monday which is 1.00 pm and the Friday finishes at 3.15pm. Please note, there will be an early morning (8.30 am) visit to New Covent Garden Flower Market during the course. We will confirm the date when you arrive at the school.

All flowers and materials included. Tea and coffee provided.

We also run an online version of this course 


This one-week floral design diploma course at the flower school premises is based on the teaching experience and inspiration Judith has gained from many years giving flower arrangement courses across the world. It is grounded on reason and logic and offers help and advice that is easy to follow and makes sense. Following step-by-step instructions that work effortlessly gives confidence. Once that is in place, you can create your own original style and be proud of it.

On the practical side you will understand how flowers can be supported by a huge variety of mechanics including chicken wire, biodegradable foam, pin holders and many more – whether for the table, an archway, column or window ledge. The wise selection of flower combinations, the knowledge to choose fresh flowers and the right containers in which to display them will be explained simply and clearly so that arranging flowers becomes nothing but pure pleasure.

Dried flowers are having a resurgence in popularity. They are timeless. Twenty years ago Judith wrote a book Teach Yourself Dried Flowers and she is delighted that it is still up to date. Bleached flowers have also become popular, so both dried and bleached flowers will now be covered on this one-week flower arranging course. Preserved flowers last for years and keep their colour. Students will also be using these in one of their designs.

We have enjoyed meeting students at the flower school from virtually every country in the world on this flower arranging course, many of whom have become firm friends and call on each other, as well as Judith, for advice and help whenever they have an important event or wedding to organize.

On the one-week diploma flower arranging course you will learn:

  • Table centrepieces
  • Handtied bouquets
  • How to arrange flowers in a vase
  • Pedestal designs
  • Buttonholes
  • Floral crowns
  • Dried and preserved flowers


  • How to recognise fresh flowers and how to make them last
  • Where to buy flowers
  • The mechanics (or how to keep your stems in place) using chicken wire, biodegradable foam, pin holders etc.
  • The latest trends and techniques
  • What to grow in the garden

There will also be a visit to New Covent Garden Flower Market.

The Judith Blacklock Diploma is awarded upon successful completion of this floral design course.

  1. Hilary N – October 2023

    Whether you are an aspiring florist or just want to learn more about floral design, this course is a must. Judith Blacklock, florist extraordinaire and her team are incredibly knowledgeable, creative, fun and kind. Their shared enthusiasm and expertise for all things floral make for a very enjoyable and worthwhile week. The course is held in Judith’s flower school in a delightful, welcoming mews in Knightsbridge. Each day covers a different topic, building on the previous days skills and is delivered professionally, with patience and encouragement. They want you to succeed. And for those (like me) who are novices to the world of Floral Design, I now have a deep appreciation for everything it encompasses and most importantly, the confidence to tackle its many forms. I highly recommend this course.

  2. Vivienne – Sept 2023

    What a gift to work with flowers under such incredibly esteemed and kind individuals in a beautiful school. This past week was incredibly special and one I will never forget. Thank you Judith and all

  3. Joanna – Sept 2023

    What a beautiful week at the flower school! Special memories for sure!💐

  4. singsumanna

    Anna – October/November 2022

    Recently I attended this course at Judith Blacklock Flower School and I highly recommend all of you who are interested in taking this course. I am amazed that the whole team were very professional and friendly. They taught us a lot of useful flower arranging skills and knowledge. I have learnt the very latest contemporary techniques, which improved a lot on my confidence and creativity in floral design. In the future, I am sure I would like to join the other courses again. Thank you so much for the amazing course.

  5. Daniela Howard – Oct 2021

    This course exceeded my expectations. I’ve loved flowers and have always wanted to understand flowers and learn the techniques. Each one of the instructors was patient, motivating and just lovely. I am so happy and loved every moment of this course. Judith, Trudie and Sarah are so generous with there knowledge and skills

  6. Student from October 2021 course

    I was looking for a reasonably priced week long course, purely for the pleasure of learning more about flowers. Judith Blacklock Flower School was the ideal solution and the instruction received was fantastic. As a group we all learned so much and I was thrilled with all my designs, and also loved watching the rest of our group design their floral displays. Highly recommended, especially on a break away from looking at too many screens! I feel I have got back in touch with my creativity.

  7. Daniela Howard

    This course exceeded expectations! I’v loved flowers and have always wanted to understand them and learn the techniques. Each one of the instructors was patient, motivating and just lovely. I am so happy and loved every moment of this course. Judith, Trudie and Sarah are so generous with their knowledge and skills.

  8. Sarah McWatters

    I was looking for a reasonably priced week-long floristry course, purely for the pleasure of learning about flowers. Judith Blacklock Flower School was the ideal solution and the instruction received was fantastic. As a group we all learned so much and I am delighted and thrilled with all the designs I made. I also loved watching the rest of our group design their own floral displays. I feel I have gotten back in touch with my creativity!

  9. Kathryn Garnish – June/July 2021

    It has been an incredible week of learning and fun. The quality of the tutors and materials has been excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to anyone looking for an introduction to floral design.

  10. Carina Downey – June/July 2021

    This for me has been an amazing experience and one I will never forget. I’ve had an absolutely brilliant time here, so much fun, learning new skills in a very relaxed atmosphere. Judith is one of the kindest ladies I have met in a long tim. Will miss this course next week but I will be back and can’t wait! Made me smile every day! Thank you.

  11. Larisa Kopach – April 2021

    I recently completed the one week intensive floristry design course at the Judith Blacklock School of Flowers. What an incredible experience! I walked in on a Monday thinking that an arrangement of 3 flowers in a vase was a good look. By the time I received my diploma on Friday I was able to confidently and proudly make stunning arrangements using a variety of mechanics, a flower manipulation with wire, a “long and low” display, a delicate button hole, corsage, floral headpiece, handheld bouquets, along with group work to create a beautiful centrepiece “swag”. Both Judith and the inspiring tutors also demonstrated how to make whimsical candle displays, bowl displays and exquisite pieces for special occasions. It was a dream of a course, being centrally located in a quiet corner of Knightsbridge, with a group of strangers-come-friends, surrounded by the most stunning flowers and foliage. I left every day with a real sense of achievement and have discovered a skill I never thought I had. I would highly recommend this course to anyone and everyone and if I could – I would repeat it in a heartbeat!

  12. Julie Dean – April 2021

    A week that has the potential to change your life, simply by seeing the sheer beauty of every type of flower to making floristry as a business. A wonderful environment to truly learn, be inspired and enjoy!

  13. Milena Govorusa – April 2021

    Thank you all for such a brilliant course, Every tutor was so skilled – it was great to learn from people so experienced, I can now use the knowledge I have learnt for my art. The whole atmosphere was great. Everyone was lovely and the tea was an excellent addition.

  14. Join Kim-Inoue – October 2020

    I absolutely loved the course. I feel that the course has allowed me to begin my floral journey that I am very much looking forward to seeing develop.

  15. Yasmin Argones – Oct 2020

    The class was amazing from beginning to end. Very useful and practical skills learnt, that I can now apply moving forward. Judith and all the teachers were very encouraging which has given me the confidence to pursue a career in floristry. Thank you for the amazing opportunity.

  16. Elizabeth Goddard

    A thoughtfully organised course based on scientific and design principals. The school is generous in the supply of floral materials and access to instructors. A blend of instruction, demonstration and individual practice with helpful feedback are core to the course. This course is appropriate for people who want to build their floral knowledge, appreciation and skill. Great opportunity and value for money.

  17. Gail & Marie Winterscheid

    The one week intensive design diploma went beyond my expectations. The flowers are absolutely tops, the setting fantastic and the instruction is packed with useful practical tips. The staff are wonderful!

  18. Abby Robson

    My week at Judith Blacklock Flower School will undoubtedly remain one of the highlights of my life. It was an incredible privilege to have one-to-one guidance from Judith herself – who is a remarkable teacher, author, editor and creator of all things floral. In addition to this we were given the opportunity to learn from an array of other skilled, experienced and knowledgable teachers all of whom took the time to give instruction and special encouragement or wisdom to each student. The entire week facilitated by others in the background, namely Christina and Tom who further enriched the experience by being available to help wherever and whenever it may be needed. All in all I left London feeling thoroughly grateful for my week of intensive floristry at Judith Blacklock Flower School. It was sheer magic. Thank you!

  19. Heather Jobling

    I can assuredly say that it has been one of the most enjoyable weeks I have ever had, immersed in the colour and variety of the choice blooms you selected for us to work with. Judith gave her own time for the majority of the course and that is so important for all attendees, but it does not detract from the standard set by your other tutors who were equally top class in their instructions, technique and knowledge. No one can leave the Judith Blacklock Flower School without their spirits singing! It has been a privilege to attend and I will return next year for some more of the same please!

  20. Karen Williams

    For anyone who wants to learn how to arrange flowers, but doesn’t know where to start, this course is for you. It’s such a good foundation and I picked up so many tips and tricks in my one week course a couple of years ago that I continue to use now and will into the future. It also gave me confidence to try my hand at new arrangements. It really is a very valuable course.

  21. Fiona Moore

    A wonderful week at the Flower School we covered lots of different techniques with a group of fantastic teachers and the trip to the flower market was really informative too. I would now like to progress to the Business course as it was so inspiring!

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