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Accredited Professional Business of Floristry & Events Styling Course


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The demand for flowers in 2024 is huge. Now is the time to train. 

A two-week intensive Business Floristry & Events Styling Course, declared excellent by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) and the American Institute of Floral Design (AIFD) for intensive floristry training. The course covers all areas of floristry from shop and freelance work, event styling flowers, wedding work to contract and sympathy work plus much more. The business side is also discussed in great detail covering pricing and costing, marketing, social media and a lot more.

We believe this floristry course cannot be surpassed both for quality and the standard of teaching. We have up to ten inspiring teachers who teach their specialism with enthusiasm and generosity. This finely tuned course has proved enormously successful over the past 20 years.

Judith can arrange for students to take up to two weeks unpaid work experience in florist’s companies in English-speaking countries across the world. No other flower school offers this. We are working with major UK florists to ensure our students enjoy the best work experience. We also have contacts in the rest of the world. Tell us where you are from, give us a few thoughts and leave the rest to us.

Suitable for – complete beginners and those looking to refamiliarise themselves with core skills.

Having successfully completed the floristry course, students receive the accredited Judith Blacklock Diploma.

10.00 am to 4.30 pm each day except for the first Monday which is from 1.00 pm. Please note, there will be an early morning (8.30 am) visit to New Covent Garden Flower Market during the course. We will confirm the date when you arrive at the school.

Next course dates:

8th – 19th July 2024

All flowers and materials included in the price. Tea and coffee provided each day.

We also run an online version of this course & a Saturday only format running over a series of Saturdays so that there is no need to take time off work.  Please click here for more info.


The Professional Business of Floristry & Events Styling course is one of the top floristry courses in London. Having successfully completed the course, students receive the accredited Judith Blacklock Diploma, which is recognised by the best establishments worldwide. Thanks to Judith’s extensive national and international contacts, students will also have the opportunity to put their learning into practice with hands-on work experience in selected floristry businesses – shop work, events styling, weddings, parties and every other aspect of floristry. Judith liaises with her contacts at prestigious florists in English-speaking countries across the world to arrange this work experience for you.

The business course, devised and developed by Judith, has been running for 20 years, and past students are now working in a wide range of floral careers with great success. Judith is proud of her students and passionate about making sure that they achieve the best possible results wherever they are in the world. The school is small and personal attention and care is given to all students. We look after all of you, not just on the course but when you start up your own business and have any questions you need answering. Everyone who comes to the course says that it is great fun and immensely enjoyable, exceeding expectations.

Practical work
The floristry course covers all aspects of practical work associated with floristry. Students gain confidence creating work such as handtieds, table centrepieces and buttonholes and then graduate onto larger and more elaborate pieces where they develop their own style.

An understanding of wiring and its use is essential to be able to offer a broad portfolio of work and this is taught in easy stages. By the end of their ten days, students will be creating a magnificent fully-wired shower bouquet – the ultimate in floristry technique and skill.

There are at least two hands-on practical sessions a day and all work can be taken home. The designs cover both classic and contemporary styles to give a thorough grounding in all aspects of floral design and trends relevant today.

Business skills
The information about business skills is geared specifically to the floristry industry and is taught by experts from different areas within the floral world.  The Judith Blacklock Flower School is the only private school where they teach.

Our students
About half our students are from the UK and the others from countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, the Americas and the rest of the world. The mix of nationalities is wide, but everyone is linked by a desire to add floristry to their skills. The lifelong friendships that are made at the school are a perfect way to exchange information and trends across the world.

Our teaching
Due to years of experience we have gathered together the essentials of the floristry industry. With our excellent teachers we can teach an unparalleled amount in ten days. Each unit is taught step by step with full explanation. Questions from the students are welcomed – we want you all to learn as much as you can in a relaxed and helpful environment.

Each teacher has a particular expertise and all are qualified in both teaching and floristry. As each tutor is currently working in the industry, they all have up-to-date knowledge of trends and present practices which they are happy to share. This means that whatever direction you want to take you will always be given expert advice. From weddings on a budget to private dinners at Kensington Palace, the course leaders have been there and done that . . . and are happy to share their insider secrets with you.

Our Business of Floristry course has been much copied over the years, but Judith takes imitation as a form of flattery. She has hit upon the perfect formula, which has been tried and tested many times, as satisfied students all round the world will agree. Judith firmly believes that no other establishment can offer an equivalent level of teaching and experience, both technically and theoretically, in the same time and for the same money.

Practical work includes:                                                                                                              

  • Parties and events
  • Events Styling
  • Weddings
  • Contracts
  • Sympathy work including specific designs in the USA (on request)
  • Handtieds
  • Vase designs
  • Table centrepieces
  • Buttonholes and corsages
  • Floral crowns
  • Garlands
  • Shower bouquets
  • Archways
  • Flower walls (theory of techniques)
  • Hanging arrangement (theory of techniques)
  • Tablescape design
  • Wrapping plants
  • Candelabra

and a lot more…

Business skills includes:

  • Window dressing
  • Purchasing flowers and sundries – the best suppliers
  • A visit to New Covent Garden Flower Market – besides learning how to buy from a flower market we also instruct on all the intricacies of how to buy online from reputable wholesalers
  • Costing and pricing
  • How to buy online from reputable wholesalers. We take you through the whole process in detail on purchasing flowers.
  • Setting up a business or home or taking on premises
  • Social media for florists
  • Photography and creating a portfolio
  • Working in a shop or unit
  • Stock control
  • Establishing a flower business
  • Marketing
  • The tricks and secrets of the flower industry
  • How to compete with the supermarkets

Students are given a detailed plan of the course on arrival and asked if there is anything extra they would like covered – and of course we try to accommodate this.

Having successfully completed the floristry course, students receive the accredited Judith Blacklock Diploma

AIFD® Certified Floral Designer

Students who successful complete the required Education Partner coursework, receive a hands-on evaluation deeming the student’s work at the level of a Certified Floral Designer (CFD®) and subsequent Educational Partner referral, will receive an invitation to become a Certified Floral Designer through the American Institute of Floral Designers® (AIFD®). For full information about the CFD® certification, please visit: https://aifd.org/membership/becoming-a-cfd/

A few examples of what past students who have taken this course have gone onto achieve – we are immensely proud:





Work experience placements have included:

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2022 four of our business students helped set up a stand and had a wonderful time.

Nikki Tibbles


Blue Lavender

Mary Jane Vaughan

John Carter

Larry Walsh

Lanesborough Hotel

Dorchester Hotel

NB Flowers

Amie Bone

Plus many more including Winston Flowers (Boston USA)

We are delighted to announce that this business course also runs over a series of Saturdays so you don’t need to take time off work. Please click here for more info.

  1. Hyeonmin Moon – January 2024

    Taking the Two-week Professional Business of Floristry course was amazing! The curriculum was very well organised and detailed notes are provided in the course handbook, which will be very useful to refer back to. Also, the opportunity to meet many different teachers, who are all professional florists, gave me a lot of inspiration. Judith also kindly helped connect me with a work experience placement that suited me well. After completing the two weeks, I was proud of all I achieved. The course was very intensive, and if you have a passion for flowers, I strongly recommend this course. Judith and the other lovely staff members and teachers are always ready to support you.

  2. Peta Daly – September 2023

    Excellent lectures and instruction from highly dedicated and enthusiastic professionals representative of the diverse and multifaceted business of floristry. Judith Blacklock and her team worked tirelessly to ensure the success of each individual in the group. Worth absolutely every penny at whatever age! Every day an intense working day, getting as much out as you put in. Part of a super group from Japan, Canada, China, Lithuania, the UK, the US and Ireland. Having made great friends and contacts, I departed on the last day with my Diploma under my belt, inspired!

  3. Natasha – August 2023

    Love Judith, she is an incredible woman. Was an honour to meet her. Scarlett is amazing and could not have wished for anyone kinder or nicer to look after everything in the background. The whole team of teachers are truly wonderful. The course was everything and more I could have wished for. Very happy to have done it.

  4. John Kirk Barnes – August 2023

    I have recently completed the Two-Week Professional Business of Floristry course at the Judith Blacklock Flower School – simply put there is something magical about it. It is profound to watch a room full of unaware dreamers become confident doers. Judith has curated the perfect team of industry leading professionals – who serve up knowledge, techniques, tips and the proverbial “tea” on the flower world from all angles of the business. I would travel the world three times around to do it again!

  5. Alexandra Stjepovic – July 2023

    The Professional Business course was such a wonderful opportunity and I am so thankful for the work experience arranged. I wouldn’t have had access to the opportunity without you and the things I learned through the flower school. Sending a deeply heartfelt thank you!

  6. Britt Brown – March 2023

    The Judith Blacklock Flower School offered me a thorough and comprehensive education in a short period of time. We were taught the foundations of floristry as well as new techniques and designs. During the Two-week Professional Business Course we had nine different teachers which exposed me to many different methods, styles and techniques. I couldn’t be more impressed with all that I learned and this course gave me the confidence to open my very own florist shop- a dream come true.

  7. Louis Maharajh – November 2022

    During the course we had the opportunity to learn from some of the industry’s best florists. We worked on a range of different arrangements and installations as well as watching some amazing demonstrations. Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to build on your experience, this course is perfect. I cannot recommend it enough.

  8. Emma Mallen – Jan 2023

    This course exceeded my expectations. I loved all the tutors and their vast knowledge. Everyone was so helpful, including all the staff at the school. Loved it.

  9. Kay Davidson – October 2022

    Fast-paced, energising, fascinating and informed – the Accredited Professional Business of Floristry & Events Styling Course at the Judith Blacklock Flower School is all of these things and more. We gained insight from some of the key movers and shakers in the British Floristry business and had a chance to develop our own style at the same time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of the courses on offer here. You will be in the best hands in the best location in London. Thank you Judith and your wonderful team for everything.

  10. Judith Innes – March 2022

    Just to say this is the best course I have ever done. I feel very lucky to have been part of it. Thank you.

  11. Sherifa al Essa – March 2022

    Amazing and wonderful experience. It has exceeded my expectation and I have learned a lot.

  12. Mela Cavallaro – March 2022

    I have always dreamed of learning from the best and after a lot of research I decided on the Judith Blacklock Flower School. It truly exceeded my expectations.

  13. Faye Cooper – March 2022

    An experience I believe will change the course of my business. It has been a privilege to be taught by so many experts who were generous with their insight. It has helped provide direction and focus for the future and has increased my awareness of the floristry industry and the diverse opportunities it offers.

  14. Anita Chow – March 2022

    Super teachers and work experience makes this course stand out from the other flower schools. It is worth the investment. The course opened a whole new world for me.

  15. Michelle Fowler – September 2021

    Judith’s business course gave me the skills and confidence to pursue a new career in floristry. I completed my work experience at one of the highest-end florists in London, who have kept me on.

  16. Anne Marie Hutchins

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you for setting up my work experience after the Professional Business Course.

    It was a privilege to work with Noriko and her very talented team, the flora they work with is second to none. They were so kind and encouraged me to do more.

    My ultimate challenge to myself was to do a 100 stem rose bouquet, which I completed before I finished!!

    Once again a huge thank you, after being made redundant, I lost a lot of confidence and coming on your course I feel rejuvenated.

  17. Christine Frac – May 2021

    Thank you, I found the course very informative and loved the mix of different tutors. I felt we learnt a tremendous amount in the two weeks, which will help us all with our future plans.

    I already miss the studio and my fellow students so these photos of us all are very welcome.

  18. Anna Albey

    Worth every penny and more, if you make any investment in your future floristry career Judith’s course is the investment to make.’

    Anna then put (sounds cheesy but honestly its the truth!)

  19. Christina Cross

    I have just completed the 2 week professional course at Judith Blacklock’s Flower School, and loved every second of it. In my opinion, the best part of the course is that every session is taught by a different professional who has been carefully selected by Judith over her years within the industry. They are all experts in the elements that they are teaching, extremely generous with their knowledge and fun to be around. They are inspirational and creative people, meaning you leave with not only detailed practical knowledge but also the motivation and confidence to go out and pursue your career in floristry. I would highly recommend this course

  20. Sophie Wood

    I have to say I absolutely loved my work experience following the two week business course with Judith It really gave me a true insight into the day to day runnings of a fast pace florist. The team were fantastic at taking the time in showing and explaining techniques, answering my numerous questions and getting me involved in making bouquets and arrangements they were making.

  21. Verina Bashabe – July/Aug Business Course 2020

    Following the completion of the Professional Business Course with Judith she arranged work experience for me which has been amazing. The team were very accommodating and willing to give me responsibility from making small hand tieds, to conditioning flowers and wrapping bouquets for their postal service. I’ve been able to learn about a variety of flowers from their wide collection as well as how they are costed. All of the above mentioned things are very valuable because I’m new to the floristry industry, so it has been a great start for me!

    Judith was really supportive in making sure I secured work experience and for that I’m grateful.

  22. Caroline Ramsey – Sept 2020 Business Course

    After completing the Professional Business Course Judith organised excellent work experience for me at a local florist in Barnes. I had had no previous experience working in a retail shop or a florist so it has been an invaluable addition to my C.V to hopefully gain more experience and work. It has given me an insight into working in a shop and the confidence to further my experience.

    The owner was very kind and generous with her time and knowledge and wanted to give me tasks that would interest me and further my knowledge. I was able to help with deliveries, take customers phone orders, rearrange the shop display, condition flowers and make dried flower arrangements.

    Thank you so much for your help and influence in getting me the placement in the first place, it definitely opened doors as well as completing the course. I hope to build on this knowledge and experience further.

  23. Clair Strike – Sept/Oct 2020 Course

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you. I have always wanted to attend the course and it certainly lived up to my expectations. I loved every single minute of it and would happily do it all again.

    We are still awaiting a date for when we will take over our new flower shop. I feel the course has certainly given me the confidence to know that yes I can do this. I know it will be really hard work but at least I will be happy at work. Floristry has always been a passion.

    I loved learning from all of the tutors. Each and everyone of them taught me something new or a new way of doing something.

  24. Jillian Murphy – July/Aug 2020 Course

    After completing the Professional Business Course at Judith Blacklock Flower School I launched my own business just a couple of months later. The Nectary (https://nectaryflowers.co.uk) is now open for business and I sold out my first two weeks! This would have been completely impossible without your course and the confidence that you gave me! So I just wanted to say a massive thank you!

    I continue to learn week on week and can’t wait to see how it goes.

  25. Clair Strike – Sept 2020 course

    Regardless of your ability attend this course. Judith and her team are with you every step of the way. This is the only school you should come to.

  26. Mary UB – Sept 2020 course

    I don’t think I have ever learnt as much in two weeks before. The course has given me the confidence to jump out and start my career in floristry. Very many thanks to all the wonderful tutors and staff.

  27. Caroline Ramsey – Sept 2020 Course

    An amazing instructive and practical course for people wanting a good over view of all aspects of floristry. Top notch and friendly instructors who know their stuff!

  28. Tracey Norbury

    This is a brilliant intensive course for everyone interested in developing their floristry skills. Judith and her teaching team are so generous in sharing their expertise and encouraging you to develop your own signature style. You’ll also meet some great class mates. Highlights include creating a fully wired bridal bouquet and several large scale floral installations.

  29. Jillian Mullen

    I was looking for a career change and I feel that after this two week intensive course I am ready and confident enough to embark on my new career and call myself a florist. Excellent course!

  30. Theresa Bradstreet

    Highly recommend for the vast amount of ground covered, expert tuition and personal attention to enable full development of critical floristry skills.

  31. Student from July / August course 2020

    Judith and the whole team have been fantastic. I came here with no prior knowledge of flowers and I can confidently say that this is a great foundation for my career. I am also hoping to get work experience through Judith and I have no doubt that it will be at an amazing place.

  32. Student from July/August 2020 Business Course

    Judith Blacklock Flower School is the best value for money that you could ever have. Staff are lovely and the teaching quality is excellent!

  33. Michelle Davis

    I have just completed the 2 week business in Floristry course Jan 2020 and loved every minute of it, the tutors and the team within the school have been amazing, I can’t believe how much I have learnt in 2 weeks both practical and otherwise. I really couldn’t fault a thing the course was structured to perfection, to utilise the time we had yet not feel swamped or rushed. The confidence I felt on completing the course was more than I could have ever hoped for.

    Thanks to Judith and the team I was lucky enough to get a 2 weeks work experience in a well established florist in the heart of the New Forest, which I have now completed a week of and am absolutely loving putting all of my new skills straight into practice and even better this has now turned into a part time position, which I couldn’t be happier about.

    Honestly can’t thank Judith and her team enough for an incredible 2 weeks of learning and now a future in floristry.

  34. Emma Marus

    Your professional business course was one of the best, or best course that I have ever taken! I learned so much from the experienced instructors and I cannot be thankful enough for all the encouragement and support during the after the two weeks. So happy to have attended this school! Thank you! *Emma is now the Junior Florist at the five star Lanesborough Hotel in Knightsbridge

  35. Emma Buckley

    Life changing. This course has opened the door to the world of floristry in such a positive way. Will never forget my experience.

  36. Jacqui Thompson

    Its been just over a year since we completed our career change course with you; we wanted you to know we were lucky enough to secure our ‘Dream Job’ earlier this year. It was a large wedding at a prestigous venue in North Yorkshire ‘Middleton Lodge’. The groom was the brother of one of the actors from the Harry Potter films; celebrity guests are always good PR!!
    We believe we would not be where we are today without you and your outstanding team, the work experience we had and the gravitas that comes with the Judith Blacklock School of Floristry. We are proud to have trained with you and wanted you to know how grateful we are!
    Its been quite a journey, we often refer back to our student notes and the words of wisdom imparted by yourself and your fantastic tutors. We remember the American tutors words ‘you will perhaps only get 2 or 3 dream jobs in your life’; I don’t think either of use ever believed we would in our first year!
    We created two huge heritage style floral chandaliers, a floral staircase and dressed the main house, created meadow runners, dressed the marquee and designed heritage style bouquets incorporating pheasant feathers(all birds shot by the groom which was lovely) We were so proud of the results, we pulled it off ! Confidence and self belief is powerful, it opens doors we could not have imagined were open to us. Its been quite a journey! We have learned valuable lessons about the industry in general,made some mistakes and often refer back to ‘Judiths Notes’. Its tough out there, competitive, hard work physically and mentally but we love it. Being a sister partnership really helps, we are very honest with one another, critical in ways you couldn’t be with an employee. We both have our own strengths and talents which seem to be complementary and we just work. We feel the most powerful and energised than we ever have in our working careers and for this we owe you so much Judith.

  37. Wendy Winslade

    The course exceeded my expectations. It has been a wonderful experience helping me to feel more confident. I have learnt so much in a very small amount of time.

  38. Kyle Silver

    So impressed with the skills and knowledge I was taught on this course. It covered everything and I was given lots of help about careers. Very thoughtful and kind.

  39. Emma Marus

    Thank you so much to all the teachers, Judith, Tom and Christina. This course has inspired me to carry on with my career in floristry and given me the confidence to be confident with future arrangements.

  40. Gwen Archer

    I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to turn a deep interest in flowers into a career as a qualified florist. The instruction, detailed practical work and really useful advice from the teachers who had vast experience in every different aspect of floristry means I am so excited to begin to work in this new career. Thank you Judith and the whole team!

  41. Frankie Satori

    I recently completed the Business of Floristry course with Judith Blacklock Flower School. I cannot thank everyone at the school enough for the skills and confidence they have given me. Such wonderful people, who have helped me move forward into floristry as a career. It was the best decision I’ve ever made to complete my course with Judith!

  42. Cath MacDaniel

    For anyone considering attending the course, I would like to say I highly recommend it. From day one we were welcomed and looked after very well. The course content for the two weeks was set out in advance and covered everything we needed in order to understand what we needed to help us in not just the Floristry side of it but the Business side of it. Judith, Tom, and Christina are wonderful people who helped us each step of the way and the tutors brought in throughout the two weeks were excellent and came from various backgrounds and taught us alot of things that we needed to know in order to advance.

  43. Paige Besinger

    I cherish the time spent at this wonderful school and everything I have learned from Judith and all of her brilliant instructors. It was an amazing experience and I cannot wait to use the knowledge you’ve given me. Thank you for being so encouraging and kind – it truly was a pleasure and I’m sad to see the course end. I’ll definitely pay you a visit in the near future.

  44. Claire Hall

    Claire Hall
    What an amazing experience. I have loved every minute. Going back to work on Monday feels like a daunting thought! I really hope everything I have learnt transpires. I hope to see everyone I have met here again too.

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