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Floral Design – an immersive three day diploma course including an introduction to Ikebana


Floral design – just what does it mean? How does it sit alongside floristry and flower arranging? What are the differences? The answers are in the Description below.

We are offering a three-day floral design programme covering in depth the elements and principles of design through to exhibiting and show work. You will be taught by an eclectic mix of teachers who will encourage your creativity and floral design skills and show you how to progress further. Individual creativity will be encouraged and nurtured. This floral design course is suitable for beginners and those with some knowledge.

Next Date:  24th -26th April 2024

10:30am – 4.00pm each day

All flowers and materials provided. Tea and coffee provided (lunch not included).


Floristry is easy to define. It is the profession of working with flowers to create an income. Florists are paid and in turn they pay tax. Florists can also be floral designers, but not all floral designers are florists. Flower arranging and floral design are similar and it can sometimes be hard to determine a difference. Both involve the study of the elements and principles of design which can also be applied to all the arts.

If there is a difference, perhaps it is that flower arranging is more for the amateur wanting to arrange pleasing decorative designs of flowers for the home and for friends although many also enjoy competitive work. Floral design requires longer and more immersive study of the elements and principles involving experimentation and experience to give a deeper understanding. This is why we are introducing the Japanese art of Ikebana into the School to further understand the importance of line and space. Diligence and study can lead to international workshops and demonstrations or perhaps competing in shows such as the Interflora World Cup or the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and we will show you how.

You will cover in the course:

– how to work with the elements and principles to develop creativity

– understanding the basics of Ikebana and the importance of space and line

– how to use a full range of mechanics to keep stems in place most effectively

– working with a wide range of flowers and foliage

– how to enter competitions

– photography and the need to create records of floral designs created

– learning essential tips from gold medal competitors and judges

Design above by Felix Geiling-Rasmus

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