Judith Blacklock
Flower School

Step by Step: Sustainable Line up

A quick and easy sustainable design using cinnamon, glass and nuts to enable the flowers to stay securely in place.

You will need:
– three glass cubes, either 11 or 15 cm
– cinnamon sticks
– glass nuggets
– nuts – I have used hazel nuts
– 10 white, 10 red and 10 orange roses

1. Place the sticks, glass nuggets and nuts in the vases. Don’t pack these too tightly as you will need a certain amount of space for the insertion of the stems.
2. Add water so that it reaches two thirds of the way up the cubes.
3. Remove any leaves and thorns from the roses and cut with sharp scissors so that when you position them in the cubes the heads rest on the rim.

– If you don’t have any glass nuggets try using marbles which are just as effective.
– You may need to wash the nuts in cold water a couple of times so that no bits discolour the water in the arrangement.

– This arrangement should last a week but be sure to change the water regularly.